“Bullet Proof” Coffee


I have become nearly addicted to “bullet proof” coffee. Don't know what that is? It is NOT a cuppa coffee in a Kevlar vest. (You will find a recipe at the end of this post.) My “bullet proof” coffee should not be confused with Bulletproof® Coffee, which is a registered trade name of Bulletproof Nutrition, Inc. (www.bulletproofexec.com), which markets their own special version of the ingredients. I’m sure their version is superior to mine, but this is all “homemade.”

I start with a serving of espresso coffee from my trusty Nespresso machine. I just love this gadget, but then I’m a confirmed tech junkie. I add butter (from a farm in France), coconut oil (organic from the Philippines), and mix 20 seconds in a blender. The result is unlike any coffee I have ever tasted—smooth, buttery, and delicious.


I can hear you saying “Surely, that is a formula for gaining weight and clogging arteries.” Well, I can’t claim that bulletproof coffee is directly responsible for my recent weight loss (20 pounds in 3 months), but it hasn’t been causing me any problems either.

“Bullet proof” coffee is a part of a strange diet that Elyn and I have been on. It goes by the name Ketogenic, and she is much stricter than I am. Basically, I have cut out all grains, potatoes, rice and sugars, and voilá the weight just dropped off. (Unfortunately, no weight loss for Elyn!) I’ll have more to say about this in another post.


What are the benefits of drinking “bullet proof” coffee? Well, that depends on who you are consulting. The anti-saturated-fat advocates claim it is a recipe for disaster, but David Asprey, President of Bulletproof Nutrition, Inc., claims that it aids mental function and can help with weight loss by satisfying hunger.

The first thing I drink on awakening is a cup of “bullet proof” coffee. That cup has some serious fat. I follow it with a breakfast of yogurt (organic sheep yogurt from a local source) laced with nuts, berries, coconut flakes, and seeds. This keeps me going until the 1:30-2:00 PM, Spanish lunch time. I never seem to feel much hunger, and when I’ve checked my calories I’m way down from what I used to eat.

We used to say: “Eat a better breakfast—do a better job!” For me, “bullet proof” coffee is an important part of my better breakfast. (Confession time: Elyn is the one who makes my “bullet proof” coffee in the morning.)

Elyn’s “Bullet Proof” coffee recipe:

One serving of espresso or good filter coffee (organic, if possible)

One tablespoon of grass-fed butter without salt

One tablespoon of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil

Blend thoroughly and enjoy.

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