Backed Up 100%


I was doing some routine maintenance of our computers when I discovered that Elyn’s computer was not being automatically backed up to our cloud server. It took most of a day and a new portable hard drive to secure her data, but I solved the problem. As we left the apartment to go shopping I told Elyn how anxious I had felt about the danger of losing all her writing files. Elyn said, “Me, too, but I know that you have me 'backed up' 100%.” I caught the pun and replied,“And you back me up completely, too.” Elyn grinned,  “Isn't it wonderful! We’ve got each other’s backs—100%! And all our 'software' is completely current!”

A bubble of pure happiness expanded around us as we went out to do our shopping. Everywhere we went we found people who were happy to see us. Or maybe, sensing that we were happy, they found our happiness contagious. In our favorite cheese stall the woman kissed us both in greeting. (It is Spain, after all, and our cheese lady is French!) Nuria in the butcher shop blew kisses at us. The bubble of happiness surrounded us wherever we went and lasted for most of the day.

I am struck with just how infectious happiness is. Want to increase joy in the world? Be happy! Meher Baba always said, “Don’t worry, be happy,” Excellent advice.

“Backed up 100%.” What a blessing! This is what our stand-up philosopher friend, Tim Freke, calls “Big Love.”

One of my favorite movie lines was spoken by the hotel manager in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” He proclaims that, “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right now, it's not yet the end.” Somehow that encapsulates the feeling we have about backing each other up 100%. We have been on this shared journey of discovery for the past 20+ years, and now, after much work, everything is coming out all right. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Whether we know it or not, we can all be “backed up 100%.” Want to feel it yourself? Just go out and support a friend or loved one. Send blessings to everyone who is in need in the world. Love is like a boomerang—you throw it out and it circles back to you. That is better than the best backup drive, and it doesn’t cost a cent!

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