A New Look for FandangoLife.com

Welcome to the new design for “Living the Life Fandango.” Our web strategist, Kerry Gladden, has created a beautiful, intuitive and mobile-friendly new website experience for the blog. 

You will see a colorful new cover page and a streamlined listing of our most "recent blog articles" on the blog page, with a variety of search options available in a righthand sidebar for desktop and tablet displays, and further down the page on mobile devices.

You'll find a convenient  “Browse Our Article Archive” button, so that you can easily access a list, organized monthly, of all our previously published blog posts. Use it to look back to find something you missed or want to read again. The “search” box is also an excellent way to find what interests you. 

With a new FandangoLife.com, we complete the final phase of the redesign of our entire web portfolio, including:

FiberAlchemy.com - Sacred Fiber Art by Elyn Aviva

PilgrimsProcess.com  - Books for Readers who Think.

PowerfulPlaces.com - Discover New and inspiring Experiences with our Powerful Places Guidebooks.

Click through to see the new designs in action and give us your feedback. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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