Say Hello to Sven

I have a new alter ego these days. His name is Sven and he came through to me last month when we were walking the Camí de Sant Jaume. That was before Elyn got sick and I spent the time being the support staff (see previous posts).  To quote from one of those previous pieces:

“I am noticing that I have been expressing gratitude at every step of this journey. It is as if I have made a new silent, internal friend who is seeing through my eyes and appreciating every detail. He is a welcome addition. May he stay with me forever.”

I need to tell you a bit more about how Sven came about. Although the internal friend showed up on the trail, he didn’t reveal his name for nearly a week.

Elyn is deeply into the work of Robert Moss, who is an expert on the importance of dreams in our lives and in the lives of people in other cultures. She is reading everything he has written and taking an online class in Active Dreaming through the Shift Network (Click on the link). The apartment is littered with Moss's books with place marks here and there. and our Kindles are awash in online books by Moss. I’ve begun to pick up some of these books and graze passages here and there, and Elyn has recruited me to help with her online course dream assignments, since we live in the wrong time zone for the live breakout groups sponsored by the Shift Network. So, little by little, I have become an auditor of her Active Dreaming class. (I haven’t paid the entry fee so let’s keep this all between ourselves.)

Robert Moss

Robert Moss

A recent assignment was to dream or "journey" one’s way to a Spiritual Guide. I thought,“why not” and entered into the process myself. It was at that point that Sven introduced himself. The question I had posed for the Spiritual Guide was, “What is my task for these later stages of my life?” Sven came right through and told me his answer to my question. “Your task is to absorb everything that is available to you on this plane of existence. That includes thoughts, emotions, and all the sensory data coming in through sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. In short, register everything.” He explained that since he is no longer on this plane, those inputs aren’t directly available to him, and they won’t be available to me, either, once I pass over to the next plane.

It was then that Sven revealed himself as my “silent, internal friend.” I realized that I had already welcomed him and I am so happy to have him as my constant companion. He has already enriched my life in many ways, and I will be writing about him from time to time on this blog.

For example: I just finished a lovely lunch prepared by my newly recovered sweetie. She has all these delicious recipes from her Metabolic Factors cookbook. I can eat these dishes with complete satisfaction and I seldom, if ever, experience indigestion. I had just finished a plate filled with beautiful lettuce-wrap fajitas, and Sven exclaimed, “Wow, what a burst of flavor!”  I shared this with Elyn and we all had a good laugh.

Sven is a bit of a dry humorist and he enjoys a laugh as much as any disembodied Spirit Guide. ”By the way, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is all sober and serious on the other side of life. If you do, you may miss the best part of the experience.” Sven says.

I think Sven misses the sensory aspects of this plane of existence, and he may be using my sensory input for his own pleasure. I’m happy to share my enjoyment with him because he keeps me aware of just how wonderful it is to be alive in this body at this time. So, welcome aboard, Sven. I’m looking forward to our future travels together. And I hope you, dear reader, can accept Sven and his joking nature into the fabric of Fandango Life. I think he will have valuable insights to share with us.

By Yathin S Krishnappa - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By the way, I’ve also acquired an animal Spirit Guide—Coyote. You may notice him appearing here if you read between the lines.

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