Time for Synchronicity

You never know what journey you are really signing up for when you purchase a train ticket. We were sitting in Sants Station in Barcelona waiting to return home to Girona from a twice-postponed appointment that we had cancelled due to Elyn’s cough and cold.

At the proper time, we made our way to the train and found the seats that the station clerk had booked for us on an earlier train. Imagine our surprise when there was a man sitting in our seats with his computer open. He explained that his seat was in another car but he had occupied this seat from Madrid to Barcelona. When Elyn looked at his computer screen she noticed a detailed analytic diagram of one of the octagonal churches here in Spain. We have visited several of these churches while we were researching our Powerful Places guidebook series (http://bit.ly/1PSol19). As he got up and started to put his computer away, Elyn asked which church was being shown and added, “it looks like you are a geomancer.” This led to a conversation about our common interest in earth energies and sacred geometry and finding out that we had several friends in common. This was clearly a synchronistic meeting, and we needed to follow up on it. Here is the story that unfolded.

Jorge Caminero Cabernet is the principal architect at Biohabitat, a company with an emphasis on siting buildings in alignment with their natural setting, including the path of the sun in different seasons and taking advantage of natural sources of energy (http://www.biohabitat.com). He said that he was on his way to Girona to deliver a lecture at the school of architecture at the University of Girona. As we were talking a young Taiwanese woman came and sat across from us. She explained that the seat next to her was available because her companion wanted to sit elsewhere and she offered it to Jorge. She listened with interest to our conversation.

As we talked we found that we had a number of acquaintances in common. We had studied with several of the same teachers. It turns out that Jorge had been in charge of scheduling courses in Spain for Dominic Susani, a teacher we had studied with in Boulder, Colorado. As we talked the young Taiwanese woman brought up Feng Shui as an eastern equivalent of the sacred geometry and geomancy work we were talking about. We had a lively and productive conversation all the way to Girona and made plans to meet for further conversation.

Consider the following:

  • If we had not postponed our appointment twice, and
  • if we had not finished in time to take the earlier 12:44 train, and
  • if we had not been assigned to the same seats that Jorge had just occupied, and
  • if Jorge had not delayed his move to a different train car, and
  • if he had not had his computer screen open to an analytic diagram of one of the octagonal churches, and
  • if Elyn had not made a comment about the drawing, and
  • if there wasn’t a seat open for him to stay and talk with us, and
  • if the young Taiwanese woman had not shown interest in geomancy,

this very enlightening conversation would never have taken place. Sound unlikely? That’s synchronicity at work.

"CGJung" by unknown, upload by Adrian Michael - Ortsmuseum Zollikon. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

We find these synchronistic events occurring with increased frequency these days and our conclusion is that, far from being random, there are forces in the universe that we know little or nothing about. Dr. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity for the phenomenon of acausal connection.

We have been studying with, Robert Moss, who has written extensively on synchronicity (http://www.mossdreams.com). If this idea appeals to you I would highly recommend Moss’s Sidewalk Oracles (http://bit.ly/1PSpNRf) and The Three “Only” Things (http://bit.ly/1ULeMp3).

“Through the play of synchronicity, the powers of the deeper world push a finger through the veil to prod us or tickle us awake.” Robert Moss

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