Quantum Dreaming

I’ve been posting recently about our experiences with Active Dreaming and the works of Robert Moss. We have been reading his books and Elyn has been taking an online course through the Shift Network (see: Say Hello to Sven and A Virtual World). We are also signed up for an in-person workshop with Moss in Barcelona in April.

Now the Shift Network has announced a new Robert Moss online course called Quantum Dreaming that will run for the next six months. We plan on signing up—or at least Elyn will—the work is fascinating.

As a teaser, The Shift Network is offering a free, one-time introduction to the new class. If you want to see what Moss is like as a teacher, you can click on the banner on this post and sign up. The Shift Network hopes you will sign up for the course once you hear him, but there is absolutely no obligation. The online introduction is on Wednesday, March 16, at 5:30 PM Pacific time.

Here is how they are describing the new course:

  • Quantum Dreaming weaves exciting scientific perspectives in with ancient shamanic practices and modern lucid dreaming techniques.

  • It’s a compelling practice of consciously journeying beyond the parameters of time to access information to help us better navigate the present.

  • When you develop these skills, you reclaim your natural psychic abilities and open the portal to a far more fascinating world than you could ever have imagined.

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