Moss in Barcelona

Live and in person, Robert Moss is just as engaging and perceptive as he is on the internet. We have studied Moss’s unique blend of shamanism and active dreaming in online courses on the Shift Network (LINK) and through his many books (LINK) for the last year. We finally had the opportunity to spend a weekend with him in Barcelona. A charming young woman, Bea Salgado, who leads a local dream group, organized a two-day course that had nearly 30 participants. Robert taught in English and some Spanish, and Bea served as Spanish and English translator, weaving a diverse group from all over Europe into a congenial whole, translating in both directions as needed. I’m surprised she didn’t suffer from mental whiplash!

Online, Robert drums and tells stories along with interacting with the participants through the real-time capabilities of the Shift network. We now have experienced more of his teaching style, which includes improvisational theater, drawing exercises, songs, and circle dances, all of which are fun activities. Moss goes deep and keeps it light at the same time. He has a remarkable ability to remember each person’s name and context almost immediately.

We started with an exercise in drawing the vision that arose during a short drumming meditation. Robert had us interacting with each other immediately by distributing the drawings at random and having each person describe what they saw when they looked at the piece of paper for the first time. Robert used the images as teaching moments and opportunities for improvisational theater, and we quickly felt at home with each other and ready to dive deeper.

It is difficult to describe in detail what this work is about, except to say that Moss’s vision is of a world where dreaming is just as important as everyday life and people take the contents of their dreams seriously. He wants us to become a “dreaming society,” like many traditional cultures of the past and indigenous cultures today.

The weekend ended on a high note as synchronistic events wove their way through the group in powerful ways. Magic happens when with Robert Moss’s active dreamwork.

Then Elyn and I flew to London for the next chapter in the story of our lives. We went to experience the exhibit of the library of Dr. John Dee, one of the most enigmatic and intriguing figures in Tudor England. More about this in the next post.

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