It’s ALL One Course!

I awake from a busy night of more or less lucid dreaming, during which Graham Hancock, whose talk we were listening to last night, has been singing the blues with Donnie Epstein of Network Spinal Analysis fame. They are led by conductor Robert Moss, whose dreaming techniques have enlightened my dark hours of sleep. In the background is stand-up philosopher Tim Freke, who is dancing through the scene, singing “It’s all one and it’s all many, so get used to the paradox!”

I stumble out to my computer, where the certificate for the SAAMA training we just finished is partially covered by the booklet of SAAMA circles and a piece of paper with the slogan Veturián Arana had us write at the beginning of the training, which proclaims “I KNOW NO LIMITS.” The book Healing Myths, Healing Magic by Donnie Epstein is open on the desk next to all this, and Graham Hancock is showing up on the computer screen inviting me to listen to his latest Audio Burst podcast on the evils of organized religion and the importance of altered states of consciousness.

Next weekend we travel to Barcelona to spend two days with Robert Moss in a workshop called “Healing and Wholeness Through Active Dreaming.” We have worked with him in several online courses run by the Shift Network, but this will be our first face-to-face encounter. After the course we will stay in Barcelona for our next Network Spinal Analysis session with Francine Denis, our NSA practitioner.

Then we travel to London, where we will view the books, papers, and assorted esoteric paraphernalia of Dr. John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century. Dee will, no doubt, join my dream chorus, along with Pachamama and Albert Einstein, who have been doing an ayahuasca ceremony in another dimension at the invitation of Veturián Arana. After London we plan to take the train to Glastonbury, where Tim Freke will pick up the refrain and take us on a journey through this present reality to possible future lives after death. It is all a part of the same advanced course I am enrolled in.

How did I get into all this? Well, I am gifted with forward-scout extraordinaire, Elyn Aviva, whose nose for where the next good stuff is, is only exceeded by her limitless curiosity and zest for knowledge. She is the registrar for this course I find myself in. I happened upon her over twenty years ago and have been running to keep up with her ever since. The exercise must be good for me because I’ve arrived at my 79th year in good health and not panting too hard. Whenever I think I’m about ready to coast to the end of this life, Elyn comes up with something so inviting and interesting that I have to pull myself together and find out what it is all about. I’m never disappointed, and everything fits perfectly into this advanced course called “QUANTUM LIVING.”

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