Healing Myths, Healing Magic

As supplementary reading for my Quantum Living course (LINK) I’ve been dipping into Donnie Epstein’s book Healing Myths Healing Magic. I am so impressed with what he has written that I’m recommending it to everyone. It’s available as a Kindle book on Amazon and also in hard copy. Epstein takes on the whole medical establishment in very persuasive ways.

For example, here is his Myth # 1:

“Healing requires a trained professional or a highly educated specialist.”

His answer to this is:

“One age-old spell, cast centuries ago, has confused the concept of healing, which is an internal process activated by innate wisdom, with curing, or treatment that is dependent upon others. The spell is part of the dark myth that has obscured our self-reliance, and fooled us into believing that the magical cure comes exclusively from outside ourselves.”

He then takes this myth apart and shows the obvious truth that all healing is a process of our body’s innate ability to heal and the best that any external force can do is support the process.

There are 34 myths like this one, divided into four categories: Social Myths, Biomedical Myths, Religious Myths, and New Age Myths. Epstein isn’t afraid to take on every sacred cow, including the New Age. Every time I open the book I feel fuzzy areas of my thinking becoming clearer. Here is how you can order it as a Kindle book (LINK).

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