Temps de Flors, 2016

It’s that time again—Girona’s biggest festival—the week-long annual Time of Flowers. The annual festival runs this year from May 7 until May 15 including two weekends. Many private historic buildings and courtyards in our ancient city are open, filled with floral displays and more. There are concerts, other special events, and thousands upon thousands of people crowding the streets and overflowing from the bars and restaurants.

Our street, Carrer Nou, is one of the primary streets that people who arrive by train and car walk down to get to the Old Town, where most of the best floral displays are found. The children of Girona have been assigned the special task of welcoming these thousands of visitors. Each primary class was given an empty wooden frame to decorate in any way they chose and they, their teachers, and their parents have been busy in preparation.

To commemorate the Temps de Flors, I shot this video of the children’s work.

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