The Quantum Universe

It is increasingly obvious to me that our agreed-upon reality, which is based on a Newtonian Universe, is inadequate to account for the world I find myself in. I have been gifted repeatedly with opportunities to come to terms with living in the Quantum Universe, and I’m struggling to accommodate myself to the new paradigm.


First, there was a course in SAAMA Universal Quantum Healing, a non-touch energy healing modality created by Viturián Arana. Elyn had agreed to do an English translation of the handbook for this course, and part of the compensation she asked for was that both she and I take the training free of charge. I approached this “gift” with considerable skepticism, since it claims a sort of instant healing that I find simplistic in the extreme. I attended the course in spite of a severe intestinal distress. When we were given the assignment of doing SAAMA on each other, Elyn worked on my intestinal upset and it cleared almost immediately. Then I witnessed how Viturián freed up another student’s frozen shoulder in a few minutes. I couldn’t deny that I had just witnessed two examples of SAAMA actually working, in spite of my skepticism.

Viturián states that “At the quantum level, all matter is vibrating energy. If you modify the vibration, you modify its state.” He goes on to say that “Consciousness, matter, thought, emotion . . .everything belongs to the vast quantum world! There is no single reality. We are light and we are matter.” This is the basis for SAAMA’s curing technique. My Newtonian-trained mind struggles with this, but there is no denying that it works—and I’ve seen it do so repeatedly.


A second challenge to my Newtonian mind is the Quantum Dreaming online course Elyn is taking from Robert Moss. The blurb for this course describes it as: ”Shamanic dreaming, new science, and ancient keys to healing and thriving in the multidimensional universe.” In this course we learn how to use experiences in the imaginal realm, including dreams and visions, to bring changes at the physical level. Again I am plunged into the quantum world where the impossible becomes possible—and even likely. Moss states, “We now have convincing scientific evidence of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other supernormal abilities that come especially alive in dreaming, and grow through the practice of Active Dreaming.” All this blows my Newtonian mind, but, again, I’ve seen it work and it works convincingly.

So, I’m trying to come to grips with a world that simply isn’t what it has always seemed to be. Being a pragmatist, I acknowledge that what works must be accepted, so SAAMA and Quantum Dreaming have become part of my day-to-day reality.

And there’s even more. We are spending the heat of the summer in Cornwall and we are receiving energy work/massage from a local practitioner, Suzanne Bugano. Suzanne is a brilliant massage therapist, energy healer, and Reiki master who accomplishes near-miracles of healing while scarcely touching our bodies. Elyn experienced waves of cold, penetrating energy in her inflamed hip, and I’ve experienced what seems like psychic accupuncture in my gut. With Suzanne, it's all energy, so here we are, squarely back in the quantum world again.

As co-author of the Powerful Places guidebook series and practitioners of a daily spiritual practice that places us on the Grandmothers’ “net of light,” I should be comfortable in this multidimensional universe, but my limited Newtonian mind cries out for the old solid world.

Just yesterday, we were in the midst of the Penzance Golowan Festival, which has ancient pagan roots. I sensed a surreal flavor in the proceedings unfolding before me. There was a slight blurring of my vision that made everything seem a bit dreamlike, or like part of an old movie. We were in a tent listening to some folk musicians when Elyn looked up and saw five men she described as being from an earlier time watching from the back of the space. When she looked again, they were just modern Cornwall lads, but they shifted back again when she looked out of the corner of her eye. Rather than being freaked out by this, I have to accept that, in this multidimensional universe, the past coexists with the present, and perhaps we are seeing more reality, not less.


Cornwall is an ancient land that has been occupied by humans for millennia, so maybe some of them are drawn to the festivities of Golowan. Maybe they are attracted to all the excitement, energy, and the costumes. Perhaps the “Pirates of Penzance” were taking part in our singing and dancing for a day. Welcome to our Quantum Universe, all ye ancient pirates!

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