Maintaining a Vision

In these times of crisis in the United States and in the rest of the world I have a tendency to swing between a response of avoidance and giving way to anger, fear, and debilitating obsession with every new piece of news that comes in via the internet. Neither of these responses is healthy. Obsession with the news wears me out. I can’t fully respond to each outrage because there are several every day and my capacity for responding with anger and fear is overwhelmed. It is then that I retreat into avoidance, which feels like “whistling in the dark.”

I have just discovered a third response, which I am finding helpful. I try to maintain the vision of a world I want to live in. I am told by various spiritual disciplines I practice that our thoughts create realities in the external world. If I can maintain a positive vision, I will help to bring that vision into existence. Maintaining a vision is different from avoidance because it is a positive response to the situation, and it doesn’t preclude my responding to some of the outrages with anger and fear.

I present the following video as an example of the vision I am currently maintaining. It is based on a meditation by RJ Stewart and Anastasia J Nutt called “American Goddesses Meditation.” If you find this video version helpful, I urge you to go to There you will find more details about how to download materials and make the meditation a part of your regular practice. I believe that large numbers of people with a unified vision can manifest this vision in the world. The values expressed in “American Goddesses Meditation” are the ones I would like to see manifested. Will you join me?

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