Wake-up Call

I have sensed for some time that humanity is moving in two very different directions at the same time. One direction is toward what has been called “conscious evolution,” where we can be aware of our direction and guide it in positive ways, and the other toward what might be called “unconscious devolution” where we continue blindly down the path to destruction and extinction (See http://www.fandangolife.com/blog/2017/5/9/the-race-into-darkness-and-the-race-into-light). Yesterday I received an email from Stephen Dinan, president of the Shift Network, which if accurate, is a warning of impending major developments toward unconscious devolution. Here is the opening part of this email:

“I have become convinced for many reasons that the drama that has been escalating on America’s national stage will soon lead us to places that we have never faced before as a nation. 

“There will be shocking revelations that accelerate in the weeks and months to come that will lead to sober self-reflection and serious reform.

“It will, in short, be a kind of dark night for the American soul.”

Stephen is not a person who has been an alarmist in the past, so when he says “dark night” I take notice. He goes on to say:

“The dark night is the shedding of the old to prepare the way for the new. It’s a kind of birth canal into a new world.

“If we remember this, it can allow us to shed the illusions that are ultimately what the dark night is designed to peel away.

“While I believe we will have to face many unsavory truths, we will ultimately need to refocus our attention is on what we truly want to create in the years to come, which is nothing less than a world that works for all. A world that is peaceful, sustainable, and wise. A world in which we heal the wounds of the past and embrace the full human family. A world in which democracy truly serves the needs of everyone. A world of opportunity, creativity, and abundance.”

If we begin to see evidence of impending collapse of our systems and the dark night of the soul that Stephen predicts, remember that you read it here. Now is the time for conscious evolution of our species before it is too late. Below are some hot links to organizations that are fostering this change.








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