My Story

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Hi, I’m Gary White, a 80-year-old American expat living in Spain with my beloved wife and partner, Elyn Aviva. When people back home learn that we are living in Spain, they often ask us how we do it. I sense a yearning on the part of many people to emigrate abroad.

How do we do it? Well, this blog is my answer to that question. In it, I will talk about the joys, excitements, hassles, the day-to-day pleasures, and things I didn’t know about, but wish we did.

So you can expect a combination of practical hints, things that we are doing, how we eat, what shopping is like, the people we meet, who our friends are, and, in general, what life is like for us in Oviedo where we live. 

To keep myself occupied and to have some fun, Elyn and I also publish a series of books and produce videos and podcasts. You will see links to some of those items from time to time. We make a profit on the sale of the books but the blog, videos and podcasts are simply a labor of love. I do them because I find it entertaining.

So that is a bit about who I am and what you can expect from this blog. I welcome your comments, and if you have had experiences as an expat and would like to write a guest blog post, drop me an email.