Welcome to Corporate Personhood, Pfizer, Inc.


In 2009 the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations are, for all intents and purposes, people. Many of my liberal (now considered “progressive”) colleagues have been howling about this ruling, but I am all for it. In fact, I am what you might call a “super patriot” on this issue. I welcome these new persons to our midst. Corporations, as newly minted persons, should be subject to the same laws as the rest of us. Pfizer, for instance, has been convicted several times for illegal marketing of drugs. (CLICK HERE) I submit that this illegal marketing has caused the death of one or more persons, so I accuse Pfizer of premeditated murder—murder in the first degree. If you agree with me, please spread this post far and wide until the public outcry brings this criminal to justice.

If Pfizer is convicted, and I’m sure it (he?) would be, I would go for the death penalty, which for corporations should be the revocation of its corporate status. It would be dissolved and its assets sold. The net proceeds from these sales would be distributed to the shareholders, or perhaps to the population at large. Pfizer would simply cease to exist.

After you share this post with all your friends, start thinking of other corporate murderers that we can bring to justice. (Does Monsanto come to mind?) How many will we have to “execute” before the rest of corporate America starts acting like good, law-abiding citizens? Start your letter-writing campaigns now! Long live corporate personhood!

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