The Perfect Tea Party Candidate

So, Tea Partyers, you now have your perfect candidate for president—Donald Trump. Not racist, misogynist, sexist, and in general hateful enough for you? He has mouthed nearly every nasty thing you’ve been thinking all these years, so what more do you want?

You want to bring down the US government? Elect him and he’ll do it for you. Not “religious” enough for you? What religion do you want him to espouse and he’ll convert immediately. Afraid of the “big money” that is running your country? The Donald doesn’t represent “big money,” he IS big money! What about “the Corporations?” Donald IS a Corporation.

Oh, and by the way, don’t be surprised when it isn’t just Muslims who are on the Trump No Fly List. It will be anyone who steps out of line. Remember, you heard it here first. And did I mention the “camps?” Those come naturally for fascist governments.

I think that “the wall” is the Donald’s best idea, but he has the venue wrong. It shouldn’t be on the Mexican border. No, he should build it around Trump Tower in New York City. It will be the perfect Tea Party theme park. Go there, pay your admission, stomp your foot, and throw a tantrum until you have a stroke. Medics will be on hand to administer first aid (for an additional price, of course). Everything will come at a price in the Trump administration. It is a natural, Donald. Go for it!


As for the rest of us, we will go on trying to honor the principles of brotherhood, respect for each other, and freedom of religion that have made our country great, while trying to wrest some control back from the corporations, which are taking over the world. Will Hillary and Bernie get together and act on their shared principles?  They are capable of that.  At least, that is my fervent hope.


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